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At the processing stage, BTL carefully and skillfully handles farmers' cotton to produce quality cotton and lints . Its specialised grading, classing and warehousing facilities ensure that its main product and lint, consistently fetches a premium on world markets.


  • Farmers deliver cotton that is sorted according to fault factors such as trash, stain and immaturity.
  • BTL buys cotton after grading it using a unique, sophisticated system through which every pack delivered is assessed for grade, colour and staple.


  • After grading, every pack of cotton is decanted onto a mixing floor where the quality of cotton is checked for consistency of grade and contamination. It is thoroughly blended with other like cotton before ginning.


  • Company has its own Ginning facility . Ginning is the first mechanical process involved in processing cotton. Ginning process separates cotton fibers from the seed bolls and dust particles. The main application of ginned cotton referred to as lint is for spinning operations, where lint is converted to yarn


  • Initial sampling is carried out at ginneries while final classing is conducted at BTL’s classing rooms to ensure the efficient allocation of lint to contracts.
  • The company's objective is to provide a product that meets customer requirements and expectations all the time.


  • Cleaned fibers is taken to the bale press which compresses them into bales. After pressing is completed the bale is tightened and then wrapped with a protective cover, ready for delivery to the warehouse .

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