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Maize is the most widely grown crop in the world. the term "maize" derives from the Spanish form of the indigenous Taino word maiz for the plant. Another common term for maize is "corn". This was originally the English term for any cereal crop. In North America, its meaning has been restricted since the 19th century to maize. In scientific and formal usage, "maize" is normally used in a global context. Equally, in bulk-trading contexts, "corn" is used most frequently.

We offer maize which is free from any foreign materials. We have specialized procurement center which aids in our Endeavour to offer best quality maize and at competitive price. We are backed with latest German technology machine in our processing plant which ensures quality at every stage of processing. With the help of our vast modern storage facility we are able to fulfill whatever quantity our customer requires at their periodical demand schedule and are thus keeping up our commitment to our customer.

We have standard specification based on which our supply is done but we also undertake customer specific specification standards.

Specification Offered
Foreign Matter 3.00% Maximum
Weevil-led seeds 2.00% Maximum
Moisture 14.00% Maximum
Damaged otherwise 6.00% Maximum
Discolored/Immature seeds 3.00% Maximum
Broken seeds 3.00% Maximum
Admixture 2.00% Maximum
Aflatoxin 20 PPB Maximum (By TLC method DL)

Moisture Max 14.00%
Foreign Matter Max 3.00%
Heat Damaged Kernel Max 2.00%
Total Damaged Kernel Max 5.00%
Discolored/Immature Max 3.00%
Broken Max 3.00%
Admixture Max 2.00%
Packing Bags / Bulk

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